Communiqué lecture series: Rachel Shearer

Tuesday, 16 Apr, noon
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Talk. Free entry
Auckland Art Gallery

Communiqué is organised in conjunction with the School of Architecture and Planning at The University of Auckland and presented in association with the 5th Auckland Triennial If you were to live here...

Rachel Shearer is an artist and designer who works primarily with sound. Creating music for film (most recently the 2012 feature documentary How Far is Heaven) complements her art and design practice.

In recent works Shearer has been exploring the materiality of sound and the (acoustic) resonances of genealogies in site-specific installation practice. Through these works, particularly the public art commissions Imperceptible Degrees (2010-2015) in Albert Park and The Flooded Mirror (2011), a permanent sound installation situated in the Wynyard Quarter at the foot of Te Wero bridge, Shearer looks to build a spatial presence based entirely on the vibrations of acoustic forms. Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's "Geophilosphy", a philosophy based on the idea that philosophical concepts operate within and are dependent upon the complex processes of earthly life, and the Māori notion of "whakapapa" provide a framework for discussing her current research and practice in her presentation for the Communiqué Lecture Series.