The Lab was a joint project between the architecture and spatial design faculties of AUT University, The University of Auckland and UNITEC. These institutions worked alongside students, local academics, designers and architects to develop a series of two to three week-long interdisciplinary design projects.

Sarosh Mulla, one of the founders of design collective Oh.No.Sumo, will create a specially designed installation exploring the Kiwi ‘quarter-acre dream’.

Tuesday 21 May – Monday 10th June

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Home, land, homeland

In the scheme of things, people haven’t lived in New Zealand for very long. Looking at our relatively short history, it has been suggested that in this country ‘we are all immigrants’. This studio’s title, ‘Ideal Home(land)’ reminds us that it’s these waves of migration which have brought our population to these shores. And it’s the promise of home and land at the centre of ‘The New Zealand dream’ which continues to lure many to make New Zealand their homeland.

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Will everyone keep talking about housing in Auckland? I hope so. Why should we ever stop?

In describing our part of the Lab to friends of mine, they all tend to echo the same sentiments: “that’s really relevant right now”. And of course they are right. Auckland is growing at an unprecedented speed for this country, and the discussion around how we will house our population has been fast and furious over the past year. But hasn’t this always been the case? Aren’t we constantly reinventing our ideal vision of the home through policy, art, architecture and media?

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