Student outcomes I – David Duan

The Ideal Home(land) studio is wrapping up and while the student’s final outcomes have been developed individually, there are many common features among the designs such as shared libraries and productive gardens. But despite these recurring elements, there’s also a lot of variety in the way the site and brief were approached, with each student’s personal ideals beginning to show through.

Designing for higher density means designing for a greater number of people living in a smaller area, and so the students are designing the way that these residents will relate and interact with one another – designing a sort of social landscape which is shaped by the physical structures.

Understanding that at different times people want to interact with the landscape in different ways, David Duan‘s proposal has a number of openings onto smaller outdoor spaces, as well as a shared, larger courtyard. Combined with the form of the buildings and their detailing, these are small scale, private, and thoughtful spaces. Scattered around the building, these are cleverly arranged so that residents are never too far from an outdoor space.

These are well-defined little terraced areas which open out, and because of the way they peek out from the shelter of the building, they can still be used when the weather is a little drizzly. This is a key consideration with Auckland’s mild climate but temperamental weather.

The next two posts will look at some more student proposals, highlighting the range of ideas generated in the Ideal Home(land) studio.

By Emma Ng